Thursday, May 19, 2011

Going Crazy

I am going slightly crazy tonight.

I want a hot fudge sundae. With oreos. I don't care if it's an all-natural raw milk ice cream with dark chocolate made with coconut oil fudge or even homemade soaked chocolate cookies-- I WANT SOME.


I am experiencing food fatigue, I think.

It's not because I'm on a "healthy" diet or even a "no-MSG-diet". It's because I'm on this really strict diet for a while here.

I have found healthy options to make chocolate, chocolate fudge, ice cream, peanut butter. All my comfort foods. You name it! There are healthy options out there for splurge items as long as you eat in moderation. Right now I am in a stage where I have total denial of homey, comfort foods that I like.

I just feel tired tonight. Tired of this stupid diet. Tired of these stupid headaches.

I made pumpkin bread. It tastes like sorgham flour and rice flour and it  made me want to barf. I can smell it in my house and I want to barf.

I'm eating my third bowl of rice today because nothing else sounds appetizing. Cereal would be nice. Oatmeal would be nice. Cheese on things again without worrying about color additives. Chocolate. Cookies. Cake. Tea. Coffee.

Two more weeks left, right??


Jon Daley said...

is there anything we can do for you?

Kristen Good said...

Thank you Jon. I'm ok now, but it is rough. I'll ask you guys to do the same I ask everyone. Just pray that God will heal these migraines, please. That really would be the best solution. :)

We so appreciate you guys as friends.


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