Friday, May 6, 2011

The New Diet!

So, a friend recommended the site to me. I went on there and read all about MSG and how it messes with your brain/hormones/etc. I thought it might be part of my headaches. They have this "test diet" that anyone can easily do and not eat MSG. It's limited because MSG has so many names/forms that it comes in that it is overwhelming and difficult for someone to totally avoid it without some guidelines. You can find the test diet by scrolling down the sidebar on the front page and clicking on "Test Yourself".

To summarize the diet for you if you don't feel like clicking over, I will be eating ONLY these things:

1. Raw milk or low-pasturized, non-homozynized organic whole milk
2. Organic, pastured eggs
3. Whole milk Colby cheese or whole milk mozarella cheese
4. Vegetables minus carrots, potatoes and beets (as much organic as possible and washed)
5. Fresh fruit minus bananas, grapefruit, grapes and berries
6. Organic, non processed, additive and preservative free chicken, turkey and deer
7. Short grain brown rice
8. Pure cane sugar if I must use sugar
9. Pure olive oil, fresh or dried whole herbs, canning/kosher salt and I added in raw honey

They recommend following this diet for 1 week to two months to see if it helps your symptoms improve. I am going to stay on it for one month strictly. It at that point it is working, I will stay on it another month and quickly wean off the imipramine over 3-4 weeks. If it really works, I'll be mostly headache free without meds on the diet. THEN, I can add things in one by one and see how my head reacts.

Call me crazy, but I think it's worth a shot. Doesn't take much, didn't cost me much more than our usual food budget and is WAY healthier for me in the long run, so I'm not doing any harm! So far I've discovered that veggies taste amazing fresh, short grain brown rice is SO yummy and I've discovered how to make decent gluten-free apple muffins, since normal flour wasn't on the list, but brown rice is, and you can make flour with brown rice. AMAZING!

(that's my muffin up there! Looks yummy, huh? I used a recipe from The Nourishing Home on FB. She is awesome and has tons of healthy recipes in her Notes section!)

I find that I am not physically craving food, but mentally craving food. I find myself with a want to eat, but not being hungry. I think I just like putting things in my mouth. It's an emotional crutch for me. It'll be interesting to try and break through that in the next few weeks.

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