Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Life in Pictures

I got a starter for water kefir in the mail last week. I quickly set the kefir grains to re-hydrating. 
(Because they came in the mail dehydrated for better shipping)

There they are, re-hydrating. Just chillin' in some sugar water. 
The water is tan/yellow-y because I used organic cane sugar, which is brown.

Sunday was a hectic day. We grabbed some produce from a local farm store and I spent four hours in the kitchen washing it all, chopping it, prepping it to be eaten and cooking meals for work the next two days.

Up above you see some apples and turnips with their tops chopped off soaking in soapy water.  They soaked there while I did ten billion other things before getting back to scrubbing them. 

I made yellow split pea Dahl and Jeera rice and a gluten-free rhubarb/apple crisp with a biscuit top. I also made a brown rice/tomato/onion/eggplant casserole to put in the freezer for a quick freezer meal. 

I LOVE this new eggplant casserole. 

Did you know you needed to let eggplant sit with salt on top for an hour before cooking it to let all the bitter juice drain off? I didn't either! Makes a WORLD of difference. 

These little turnip guys are pretty, huh? Hope they are tasty! 

This is the water kefir I have brewing right now. It's living life in my turned off oven with the oven light on. Makes it nice and warm in there. Perfect for all that probiotic goodness to grow! 
I am hoping to make lime-aid with it when it's done. 
Should be done soon. It was too sugary early today, so I'm letting it go a bit longer. 

After I get this going successfully, I am going to try to make yogurt. YUM!

I felt like crocheting, so I made some washcloths for the kitchen because I spend a lot of time there. Might as well have cute washcloths, right? I used 100% cotton from Wal-mart and various different stitches. There are about four other stitches/patterns I want to try. Should have about eight washcloths when it's all said and done. 

Here are the others. I think the brown in my favorite!
Hopefully they can replace our bacteria laden sponges that we've had forever. 

The seedling are all doing well. We've had some major rain the last few days, so the marigolds on the right and the tomato plants in the center are looking a lil' yellow. I put them under the glass table today to let them dry out a bit. The beans and peas behind them are doing GREAT! They just keep getting taller! I think they will need to go in the ground soon. 

The herbs in the tin cans never came to fruition and then the rain drowned whatever might have been thinking about growing. I'll just have to replant them!

All my chives are doing well and growing little flowers, but the basil plants from last year died. I might just cheat and buy a basil plant from the farm store. OR I might start over again with seeds. Sigh, it's just so late to try and start from seed now. Oh well. Such is gardening. 

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