Friday, May 20, 2011

Gluten Free Waffles

I made some gluten free waffles the other day, 
because I was dying for some oatmeal, pancakes, gluten, --something. 

I used the recipe on the back of the Shiloh Farms Tapioca Flour.  I didn't really read the directions about mixing the dry, then the wet, whipping the egg whites. 


I just plopped it all in a bowl and stirred. 
I was afraid they wouldn't turn out because of my lack of direction-following, but they did! 

See? Crispy golden yumminess.
They taste a little eggy and are a bit chewy, but not bad. It's a good taste for sure. 

If you are wondering about the odd shape, that's because I didn't use a waffle maker. I used a sandwich maker. Works just as well as a waffle maker 'cept without the cute little boxes. 

The recipe made a TON, which is cool cause I froze them and have been eating one or two toasted as snacks with butter and cinnamon! Double yum. 

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