Monday, July 2, 2012

28 Weeks!

How Far Along: 28 ish weeks plus a few days in the picture. 
Size of baby: Acorn Squash, but I think they are lying. Baby feels MUCH bigger than that, lol.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Yup, I have magically gained 10 lbs ish. Good job baby. 
Maternity Clothes: Yes, pants are more comfy now that I've gained weight as they stay up better. I also now have shirts that I really can't wear. Well, I could wear them, but they are skin tight and only half cover the baby bump, lol.
Gender: Not finding out! When I ask Justin what he thinks it is, he says, "It's definitely a baby." :)
Movement: Oh yes. Lots of wiggling, definite periods of sleep and wake. Baby can poke their foot out, I gently push on it and baby moves it somewhere else. Thank you baby!
Sleep: Ugh. Alright. On my back is uncomfortable, belly is too much work propping myself up on pillows and on the side my arms fall asleep and then I wake up. Sigh. I am in love with whoever made the preggo pillow though. Amazing invention.
What I miss: Not much right now.
Cravings: Cream cheese, milk, etc. ALL DAIRY!
Symptoms: Lots of BH contractions, food aversions still (UGH), cravings here and there, warmer now, dry itchy skin, leg cramps, reflux, achy hips and back. Normal stuff. Overall, feeling pretty great. Oh, I've had a mild headache now for about 4 weeks....not bad, annoying though! Mostly, I've used it as an excuse to eat what I want (like cream cheese). If my head already hurts, no need to avoid things that make it hurt if I am craving them! Amen? Amen! Pass me the cream cheese and a spoon, please.
Belly Button in or out: Most firmly out.
Best Moment this week: Laying down in bed to sleep and Justin massaging my lower back. HEAVEN!
Milestones: Third trimester!!!!!!!!!!
Looking forward to: Our baby shower! July 21st! :)AND being done with all my BSN classes....five more weeks!!!!

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