Sunday, April 1, 2012

16 Weeks!

How Far Along: 16 weeks.
Size of baby: Baby is an avocado and almost 5 inches long! Also, baby can start to hear this week! YAY!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: down 2lbs from pre-pregnancy weight.
Maternity Clothes: Picked up maternity leggings, two pairs of maternity dress pants, a button down scrub top for the summer and a white dress/tunic all for about $20 at the thrift store. If only I had found some jeans!
Gender: Not finding out! When I ask Justin what he thinks it is, he says, "It's definitely a baby." :)
Movement: Felt my first for-sure-was-the-baby flip last night when I pushed and pushed on my belly and I felt the baby flip!
Sleep: Much better, starting to have to get up and pee. I mean I could stay in bed, but I get SO uncomfortable!
What I miss: Cheese still, butter.
Cravings: Lemons, mayo (I LOVE THIS STUFF all of a sudden....could eat it by the spoonful!), strawberries, butter on crackers with chives.
Symptoms: Itchy skin, face breaking out, head still sensitive, no heartburn, lots of stretching and pulling muscle aches, achy hips, sleepy more, runny nose, irregular BM's, peeing more, irritable and easily annoyed. I pretty much feel "normal" again! SO thankful for that!
Belly Button in or out: Less in than it's ever been before. It looks different now! Still an innie, although I think in about 1-2 months it'll be out! 
Best Moment this week: Feeling the baby move!
Milestones: The baby is starting to be able to hear my voice now!
Looking forward to: My bump getting bigger....I LOVE my bump and feel really beautiful right now! AND the baby's first kick and hopefully hearing the heartbeat soon!

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