Friday, March 23, 2012

It's been the most...

...lovely day!

I went to bed last night at 9:30pm, slept until 7:30am, ate a quiet peaceful breakfast, then went to check on my hubby. I wasn't going to lay back down, but he looks so sweet and peaceful laying there that I kissed him and snuggled up for a second. Then he started cuddling up to me. After that, I just stayed put and enjoyed my sleepy hubby! Snuggling is definitely one of the perks of married life!

Woke up two hours later to find that Justin had sent me roses and they were on the front porch! (Love that man!) We ate breakfast (a second breakfast for me!) and enjoyed the roses. I cleaned the kitchen and Justin started mowing the grass. I joined him outside and cleaned up most of the beds I'm going to plant in. Came to find out, under all the dead leaves, I have chives, mint and lavender growing away, ready to be picked!

After yardwork, we did some errands, picked up a few things at BigLots!, came home and ate a scrumptious dinner. Justin is going to go fishing soon and I am going to sew. First up: making some maternity pants. It looks like only my belly and not my waist is going to grow, so I'm never going to fit into those six 6 and 8 pants...I need a 4! SO, might as well take a pair or two and practice making maternity pants. They'd be less annoying than wearing pants that are constantly falling down! Also going to make a belly band for my pants I don't want to convert over. Then if I'm not super tired, I'll play around with other stuff. We cleaned up the back room and it's SO much nicer to sew in there now.

A very simple day, full of necessary stuff...but all with my hubby and gorgeous weather. It was the best of everything!

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