Thursday, December 15, 2011

Keys in the Car, Not my Pocket

Its been an interesting day.

I woke up, planned out my day, had a very awesome smoothie for breakfast and set out upon some Christmas errands. My last errands, might I add. My days left before Christmas are rapidly filling up. So crazy, but like always.

I ended up at Wal-Mart, because when do errands not end up at Wal-Mart? Anyway, the Wal-Mart I was at is on top of a hill. I apparently didn't realize how windy it is because I opened my door a smidge without holding onto it. The wind almost immediately pushed my door into the beautiful shiny red car next to me.

Oh no.
I cringed.
Inspected the damage.
Paint was scratched.
No ding.

Then, what to do? I started to look for a piece of paper to leave my info, when the owner walked up.

"Hi. Is this your car? I need to give you my insurance information, I just accidentally dinged your car with my door."

Then, while I was writing down information for her, the wind blew my door closed....with my keys and wallet on my front seat.


I called the police. They wouldn't come, because there was no one in the car. Then, I called my car insurance. We don't have road side assistance. Dang. Thought we did! Finally, I called my hubby in tears. He suggested I call his mom to come get the spare from him and bring it to me.

She's wonderful and she agreed. Unfortunately, Justin's work and Wal-Mart are about 40 minutes apart.

I can't leave the car because the keys and my wallet were in plain sight on the front seat.
It wasn't too cold out today, but because of that, I didn't bring a hat or a scarf.
I realized it was colder than I thought, really quickly.
But, I was ok.
Then it started to rain.

Double sigh.

Luckily it stopped and Diane came and rescued me.
My fingers were frozen, but defrosted nicely once I was back in the car and on my way home.
Yay for heaters and no one else in the car so I could blast the heat on high all the way home.

Odd day.


Jon Daley said...

you were at "our" walmart? that would have been trivial for us to come down to keep you warm, at least, and heather has AAA, so she could have gotten a locksmith too.

i'm trying to think if the fire department has door unlocking tools... we definitely have ways of getting doors open, but generally you can't drive the car after we're done with it.

and if it wasn't at our walmart, we could have come too. my cell phone is on 24x7 and i wake up easily, so please feel free to call us any time. we're usually home.

Kristen Good said...


No I wasn't. I was at Pittsburgh Mills. And I almost called you. But then Diane said she would come and I wasn't cold yet, lol! Sigh. THEN, when I was cold, I forgot all about calling you. I will have to remember next time!

Thank you for offering. It's so nice having friends in the area that I know I can call if we need something.


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