Thursday, December 1, 2011

This Week's Meal Plan

My dear friend Ashley commented yesterday on a post in which I said I would post some meal plans while I am on this elimination diet for my migraines so you all can see what I'm eating.

I'd forgotten about that, so I thought I'd remedy it. Here is my sample meal plan for this week. I go Tuesday to Monday cause my hubby gets paid on Mondays and I grocery shop after that.

 Some general notes:
For breakfast, I always have oatmeal, bacon or eggs in some shape or I don't include those in the meal plans. Makes for boring repetitive writing. I make a list of snacks each week and pick from the list every day for snacks. I also only make a "dessert" once per week or when I'm craving something dessert-y. On days that I work I usually don't have a real dinner. I have a combo of snacks and leftovers!

My recipes are some from my hubby, some from online, some from cookbooks and some from my head. If I have a link to a recipe, I'll throw it in!

Oh, one last thing. My hubby is on a diet and works at a restaurant during the day and so only eats dinners with me. He also doesn't eat I don't need to always cook a ton of food. Mostly just cooking for me. I also buy snacks for him that I can't eat so he has his own "go-to" foods when he needs a quick snack. 

Lunch: Stuffed sweet potato squash with ground lamb/goat cheese
Dinner: Seared Tuna Stead with sauteed green beans and quinoa

Wednesday (work): 
L: Thanksgiving leftovers from the freezer
D: Stuffed squash leftovers

L: Chicken salad on rice crackers
D: Oven roasted chicken with mashed cauliflower/parsnips with leeks and roasted brussel sprouts

L: Veggie Latke's with left over oven roasted chicken
D: Gluten free chicken and dumpling soup (Using this dumpling recipe)

Saturday (work):
L: Soup leftovers
D: Leftover mishmash or snacks

Sunday (work): 
L: Soup leftovers
D: Roasted beef shank in crockpot with mashed parsnips

L: Beef shank leftovers
D: Stir-fry with whatever meat I feel like that day and veggie mix from the freezer with brown rice

Snacks for the Week:
Raw almonds
Sheep/goat milk yogurt
Goat cheese with rice crackers and smoked salmon
Plain hummus with veggies
Celery with natural peanut butter
Brown rice cakes with artichoke dip on top
Apple with natural peanut butter

Desserts for the week!
Coconut Milk Custard (will blend that recipe with this one and only use liquid stevia as the sweetner)

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Ashley W. said...

The coconut custards sounds yummy!!
This is great, Kris.


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