Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sugar is Evil

You all knew this. I was living in denial.

I have "cheated" a few times while on this crazy little diet of mine and both times it's been with sugar.

{Let me clarify here. Sugar = refined white sugar}

Both times have ended with migraines started as soon as five hours after eating the offending item and lasting as long as thirty hours.


Bad news. Sugar gives me migraines.
Sad day. I love sugar.
Good news. There are lots of alternatives to sugar.

Pure Maple Syrup.
Pure Cane Sugar Crystals (in limited quantities).

That last one is my little experiment. When I have a sugar craving, I try to eat something yummy and salty instead. Like all natural peanut butter or all natural corn chips that I can eat. It's going ok. Eating less sugar, so  something must be working!

There are more. I just don't use them as of yet.

I <3 honey and pure maple syrup.

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