Friday, June 3, 2011

Stayed Up Too Late

I had an awesome blog planned that would tell you how much freezer cooking and such I did over the last two days. So awesome. And yummy. I even had pictures. Well, I still have them.

Buuuuuut. I stayed up too late looking at thing in my Google Reader and Pinterest.

Maybe another day. Work tomorrow.
Shower and sleep now.


P.S. -NO MIGRAINE TODAY!!!! YAY! Days like today make me feel like everything I am changing and modifying makes a difference. Yes. Days like today get me through days like the last 5, all of which had migraines in them. You win some, you lose some. Today, I won. Hallelujah! Psalm 21.


Jon Daley said...

I thought of you last night when I was in the grocery store, looking at gluten free brownie mix. But, then I didn't buy it since I thought of other things that you might not want to eat?

I have some different categories of sugar, and I put the evaporated cane juice in the same bucket as white sugar, and so don't really care about the difference. How about you?

Kristen Good said...

Yup. I think about sugar the same way. I'm pretty much trying to stick to honey and maple syrup for....everything?

If I bake something, I try to use fruit to sweeten if I can't use the other two.

I have pure organic cane sugar crystals....but really have been trying not to use them. Actually haven't touched them in over two weeks. Makes a difference.

I found a recipe for flourless chocolate cake that I am going to try. Uses honey to sweeten. Hopefully it's good!


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