Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This was my kitchen tonight so I'd be ready to working and eat the next two days.
Broccoli, short grain brown rice, chicken with lemon and cooked apples/pears.

These days my kitchen seems like it is always dirty and I am always cooking.
OR you could look at it as I am cooking as much as a normal person now,
and cleaning as much as the kitchen should be cleaned. 

Mom, Dad, you'd be so proud. My kitchen is truly clean, clean at least once per day now.
Clean like my mom used to clean the kitchen right after dinner,
so that you knew the kitchen was closed and you weren't getting anything else.

Cept I'm usually too tired after dinner, so I clean it after breakfast.
Or while it's cooking. Works for me. 

Just still getting used to all of this. I LOVE the food now and I feel better.
Healthier. But right now, lots of cooking and cleaning. 
Some day, when I get better at all this, it won't be so much.

HA! Who am I kidding??
Some day we'll have kids and then it will get worse!
Oh well. They're worth it. 


InHisSteps13099 said...

true, but also remember one day you'll have a bigger kitchen too :)

Kristen Good said...

Oh, so true!!


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