Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Mom Lives in Kentucky

My mom lives in Kentucky as about five weeks ago. She got a job at Fruit of the Loom (yes, the underwear people) programming things for them. Cause she's a computer programmer and such. 

I and my sister missed her so we drove down to see her new place, boxes and all. What I mean by that is Justin drove and Nichole and I slept. 

We timed it so we could attend Destiny Church's worship night with the Davis' and Bethany. Amazing stuff. I love these people and it was SO good to hug them.

We then drove into the middle of nowhere and there my mom's house was!

We shopped, talked, decorated and ate. Sacred, beautiful things when you do them with family. 

We made silly faces. 

And then we made normal faces so Justin could get a decent picture of us. 
All in all, it was so worth the 20 hour round trip drive to see all those lovely people. 

I even got bit by a tick. We were walking in mom's yard looking at bushes we thought were blackberries and something bites my foot! I look down, see a black sunshine looking thing, proceed to freak out, jumping up and down, swatting at my foot. I got it off, but I think it got some blood. 

Love you Kentucky. (You are pretty, but you have lots of bugs!)
Love you Mom! (You are just pretty.)

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InHisSteps13099 said...

The bugs are bigger in TX my friend ;)


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