Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Have the Best Church Family EVER

We are very blessed with the little church we've found here, Bible Christian Fellowship in South Butler. Its a small church plant, filled with people who love the Lord. Namely, people who love the Lord and love to have large families. Many families in our church have 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 kiddos! That was a huge pull for us when we were choosing a church, as we want to have a large family and want to learn how to raise them to love the Lord. Many of the families homeschool, which we might want to do. AND, the best part for me right now, is that many of them love gardening, canning, eating healthy and cooking with whole foods.


It is amazing how the Lord puts us in strategic places for just the right season in our lives. Perfect. Just when I need to learn how to cook with whole, healthy foods, the Lord puts me smack dab in the middle of ladies who know how to do that. (!!!) I am so blessed.

So, all of that leads up to what I really wanted to say. Two ladies from my church, Sally and Heather, bought me birthday gifts for my birthday two weeks ago. I told them both that they didn't need to do that, but they both did anyway! Sally bought me an amazing cookbook, Nourishing Traditions, and gave me all the her gluten-free flours/recipes that she didn't need anymore. LOTS of them. Heather put together a little cookbook of whole-food recipes and gave me a big bag full of the ingredients from Trader Joe's to make them! Made me feel really loved.


Here is my table full of all the flours, food and spices Sally and Heather gave me! I feel really blessed. Seriously, I could cry. This is amazing!

I am especially excited about the three ingredients above. Almonds, natural peanut butter and cous cous! YUM!

And lastly, the amazing Nourishing Traditions cookbook. If you look really hard, you can see all my cute little bean/pea sprouts growing and getting more leaves! Yay, grow little sprouts, grow. My tomatoes on the other hand, are so not worth photographing. In fact, I might I have killed some. I tried to revive some today, so we will see.

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