Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Migraine Story ~ Part Three

{Ok, so when we last left off, I was bawling in Justin's lap....}

First off, let me just say what an amazing husband I have. Not only does he put up my ever constant mood swings due to pain, hormones and headaches, he goes above and beyond to help me. He's been known to rub my back, heat up hot packs, ice cool packs, find my migraine medicine and bring it to me with water, hug me, pray for me and even just help me out by doing chores, cleaning up the house, etc when I am not feeling well or up to it. I have an amazing husband and I am SO blessed by the Lord by him.

:) Okay, so back to the story.

After I finished crying that night, I felt disappointed, but more so just frustrated. I felt like I needed a new plan.  I marched into my bedroom (ok, more like dragged myself into my bedroom), whipped out my cute little red netbook, opened up my Google Chrome web browser and typed into my Google homepage, "naturopathic doctors in (where I live)" Surprisingly, we have quite a bounty of naturopathic doctors here in the city.

I went down through the list and opened up pages to about a dozen practices. I started reading through them one by one, seeing what each one offered, what philosophy they followed, where they we, how much they would cost me (as this won't be covered by insurance) and the like. I found LOTS of people advertising what I call new-age crap. I don't want any new-age crap. I closed those windows and that left me with about three options.

One was VERY expensive, one was far away AND expensive and one was reasonable. The reasonable woman was a mom, a Christian, and a member of a well-known church here. Plus, she didn't sound crazy or like she used anything out of the ordinary. Her prices were very reasonable and her explanations medically sound, as far as I could tell.

The only catch was that treatment might take a while to really make a difference in my headaches. On her website she stated that it usually took three months PLUS one month for every year you've had the problem to heal the problem. In my case, that would be eight months.

I started praying about making an appointment to see this lady. I also went to the library and checked out some books on eating well, nutrition, etc so I would have some idea of what she was talking about when I went to see her.

to be continued......


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