Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Migraine Story ~ Part Two

{We left off with me hearing from the Lord to start weaning the imipramine......}

I went to Target that night, bought a pill cutter and started cutting my dosage by 6.25mg (I started at 50mg) every so many weeks. I'd wean a bit and my head would hurt for a week or two. When my head stopped hurting for a week or so straight, I'd wean again. I've had moderate success with this. I've been comfortable with the number of headaches as well as the intensity of them on a dose as low as 12mg/day and not higher than 18mg/day since July 2010. I have rough patches, but usually can get through with my rescue medications and rest. 

About five weeks ago I was down to 12mg and was considering stopping the dosage completely. My head must have heard me, because I then had 21 days of straight headache followed by 2-3 days of awful migraine pain. I felt forced to go back up to 25mg to get some relief so I could work, do homework for school and basically function. 

I bawled on Justin's lap that night. It felt like I was flushing 7 months worth of work down the toilet. I was completely frustrated, feeling a bit hopeless and I didn't think the neurologist would have many answers. 

to be continued.....

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InHisSteps13099 said...

Do I really have to wait for the end... can I flip to the last chapter and read a head? ...please?!?


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