Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Migraine Story - Part NOW

So, I haven't made much progress beyond coming to a decision about seeing this woman naturopathic doctor (ND) here. It took me a few weeks to come to the conclusion that I was going to go see her. Several people from my church recommended an ND much closer to me, who is a guy. I went to his website and I just didn't have peace about it. Yet, it made SO much more logical sense. He is MUCH closer, prices are just as reasonable, but it didn't feel right. Call me crazy, but I can't do something when it doesn't feel right.

It's the same reason that I haven't bought an iPhone, yet. I want to, but it doesn't feel right. (That's another whole post.)

So, after praying for a few weeks and talking to the ladies at my church again, I came to the decision to trust my gut. My gut is often the Lord trying to speak to me and I am wise to listen to it. I often don't and regret it later. I am going to make an appointment with this ND, Dr. Val as soon as we have enough money to cover the initial visit. It isn't a ton, but it's a little more than pocket change. We just have to remember to budget for it in the next pay.

Until then, I am following my regimen of meds, diet changes, lifestyle changes, water, exercise and the like. I am researching nutrition, more nutritious foods, chemical sensitivities, homeopathic medicine, dietary supplements and considering a whole bunch of things including a few drastic lifestyle changes.  Most of all, I am trying not to stress myself out with all of this info. My plate is pretty full right now, but getting well so I can function well is a priority.

I am going to keep a record here of what I do now, changes I make, how I feel, what is working and what is not working.  Now that you know the story you can follow along. Or not. Up to you.

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