Saturday, December 11, 2010


I have successfully sent out the majority of my Christmas cards. The only ones I have not sent out yet are the ones that I don't have addresses for. I have emailed everyone that I need an address for. They have not emailed me back yet, so they may not get a Christmas card. Sad day.

I have registered and PAID FOR my first semester of schooling towards my BSN. This means that not only that I am going back to school in three weeks, it means I HAVE to go back to school in three weeks. Cause I paid for it and all. Deep breath. Crazyness. I never thought I'd actually go back for my bachelors, yet here I am.

I have been thinking about baby names a lot lately. I like random names like Molly, Odette, Asher, Myra, Cora, Seraphina, Samuel, Peter, Iain, Gabriel, Gavin....yup. It's all probably because I've been reading lots of books about pregnancy and babies. No I am not pregnant, but I will be someday and I like to be prepared. Besides, this is stuff that makes me more educated for my job. I work with babies and moms and I love it.

I love it when moms and their kids at the hospital bless me. I love these kids and I got to cuddle a few of them yesterday. YAY!

I think I forgot to chart on one of my late admissions yesterday when I was at work. This is probably bad. Might have to stop by the hospital tonight and check.

I really want to bake bread from scratch with yeast. Real bread baking. I haven't had time yet, but think I might on Monday.

Going to my Dad's tonight to celebrate Christmas with him since he'll be gone over the actual holiday. Need to wrap the last few presents for that soon! Like before we leave for his house in 45 minutes.

Justin applied to CCAC yesterday, thinking about him going back to start slowly working on his bachelors, as he'll most likely need one at some point. Thinking about something in engineering, as he's such a smarty-pants and all. Seriously, he'd have to take calculus and physics and such and his brain just WORKS like that. It'd be no problem for him. Crazy-ness. Mine does not work like that.

I think that's all floating through my head right now. OH! Our tree is up, almost all my presents are bought, just have to buy one more and wrap them to put under the tree, which is up and decorated. Yay for Christmas.

the end.

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