Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting into the mood for babies

Seeing everyone and their cute little babies on Facebook puts me in a mood to have one of my own. I lay awake at night sometimes and wonder just how she/he will look. Our first baby. I wonder and hope if they'll have Justin's lips and beautiful eyes, if they'll have my hair but his color. I wonder if they'll be cute or dorky. Either way, I know we'll love them just the same.

Getting into the mood.

It also scares the bee-jee-bers out of me. That the Lord would entrust one of His precious beautiful children to us. To raise, to love, nurture and teach all about Him. How good He is, how He loves them, the difference between right and wrong, rebellion and obedience. I want our kids to know Him and know what it feels like to be known by Him. I want them to love Him, to feel His love, grace, approval and mercy for their lives. I want them to know that they matter to Him, that they are special, just as ALL of His children are special.

And I want to cuddle them.....but maybe that's just because I'm a girl.

I'm so content and happy where we are, and honestly don't want to speed this time up for anything. I have an amazing hot husband and I'm not ready to share. But that time is coming sometime and we are preparing our hearts. Someday this family will we ready for a child and we'll welcome him/her with open arms.

Thank you Jesus.

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