Thursday, April 14, 2011

A little bit of awkwardness

I feel slightly awkward typing words on my blog again.
(Is it just me, or does the word "awkward" look especially weird tonight??)

I haven't typed on here since December 11, 2010. So, it's been a few months. I had stopped because there were other things that needed my attention and because we don't have the internet at my house and I felt stressed out trying to post blogs without the internet.

It was SO nice not to write my thoughts out for a while. Not to have to analyze what I was writing to make sure it was coming across the right way. Not to have to check my blog for spam comments and delete them. Not to even think about how my blog looked because no one was looking at it.

(I don't think I even paper journaled much in this time.)

::deep breath::

It was freeing. and fun.
and we've decided to actually pay for reliable internet access
(which is coming sometime between 1 and 4pm on Sunday)
SO, posting should be easier and so I might post more often.


I'm totally not guaranteeing that, as I am working full-time, in school full-time, a wife, in a Bible study and trying to learn how to quilt, bake bread, grow plants and can things. And sometimes I just feel lazy. And I want this to be fun for me. SO, it'll be as often as I want, when I have something to say. Which might be 4 times in one day or once a week.

We'll play it by ear and you can read if you want to or not if you don't want to.
And here's a picture of hubby and I, because I think it's cute!

Photo by J. Ann Kramer Photography at 
Nick and Heidi Poole's wedding a week or so ago. 
You can view the album of all the wedding guests and order prints
 by going to the flickr page here:

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InHisSteps13099 said...

this is me - admitting I read all your posts.
Thanks for the update.
Love you!


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