Friday, July 9, 2010

Thrift Store Finds!

So as I've mentioned before, a new thrift store opened up in our little town here, Russellton. (I've probably spelled that wrong, just for the record.)

It's run by a local church and their pastor to fund first time medical visits for the homeless. I love the idea! Since it's the first in this small town, everyone has brought their stacks of old retro purses, dresses, trays, pictures frames and everything else to the store and donated it. Which means that other people (like me) can buy it!


The first time Justin and I stopped down, we spent about $5 and got a cute retro 7-piece spaghetti bowl set:

and a beautiful printed vintage knitting needle holder-bag:

(Yup, made that name up all by myself.)
I LOVE this little thing! It fits ALL my knitting needles perfectly!
And it has this lovely silky soft pink interior. No snags!

and the rosy flower printed tunic that I re-did and posted about here

The next time I went, I took Skyla with me and found this lovely bright orange little ruffled shirt:

Believe me, it's a lot more nasty orange that it looks here. I have plans to dye it a beautiful navy blue and replace the fabric bow with a cute little yellow, red and blue ribbon. Maybe. Might just leave it as is. Haven't fully decided yet, but I will post pics when its done!

Here's to hoping I don't get dye all over the clothes I'm wearing as well as the one that I am dyeing.... (!)

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jimmie lee said...

Kristen, I think it is incredible that you can look at something someone might think is ugly and just see the potential for it to be beautiful! An incredible and awesome gift!


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