Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fabulous Frock Re-Do!

YAY! That is my first response when I see all the pictures above. This is my first time taking an already-made ugly item and re-doing it to be something cute and wonderful for me!

Inspiration came from the website Grosgrain. When I saw the old frock in the thrift store, this post in particular popped into my head. I kid you not, I immediately thought, "I could do that!" AND for $1.99 I just couldn't resist buying it and trying it out!

It took about 2-3 hours since I'm not really an experienced sewer. I did sew the very first hem inside out and thus spent approx 20 minutes ripping it out (very carefully) praying that I would not ruin the beautiful paper-thin old fabric. It was a long 20 minutes, lets just put it that way.

The Main Points:
  • I decided that I liked the material from the wrong side better than the right side, so I decided to wear the finished project inside out.
  • I created new side seams to make it fit me. Probably took it in about 1.5" on either side.
  • I hemmed the tunic to fall to my hips, where I like all my shirts to hit.
  • Covered up the hole in the fabric that the button right below the neckline had created with a piece of fabric that I ironed pleats in and sewed on.
  • Covered the exposed seams in the shoulders with a rectangle that I ironed the ends under then sewed over the seams.
  • Hand stitched a rose ribbon that I had in my stash over the gathering seams on front and back.
  • Took the excess from hemming the tunic, wrapped it around my head and called it a headband!
All in all, it was a pretty satisfying little project. I can do this!!!
Love it.

And just for reference, the before picture:


Justin said...

looks great babe!

You are so beautiful!

Paula said...

Bravo! It's really cute... good job!

Love YA

Ashley W. said...

Oh my gosh! you stinking rock my face off :) I am envious of your talent and will unashamedly admit that I do not have the same :)

InHisSteps13099 said...

Such great work!
Who ever did you get to help you ;)


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