Saturday, July 10, 2010

Braided Ribbon Flower Necklace

Ok, so this idea is not totally mine! I stole it from Jessica's tutorial at Happy Together. She called it an Anthropologiefied Flower Necklace and made her's out of leis. Her's is super cute and inspiried me to make one with things that I had!

I gathered together 6 approx 12" lengths of cream, white and black ribbon, about 5" square of black felt, some earring links, scraps of cute black fabric, random buttons, thread, needle and my glue gun.
 (I must confess here....this is the first time I've ever used the glue gun since my mom gave it to me! I didn't like it....but I think I might be converting.)

I first braided 2 sets of 3 ribbons together. I then hot glued the bottom of each braid so it laid flat. I cut out a cresent shaped moon of felt and glued the flattened braids to each of the tips of the moon.

I made flowers according to this tutorial at "whatever & stuff" by Brittany. They were really easy, even though I made them inside out accidently!

I then hot glued them onto the felt, making sure it was all covered. Then I hot glued cute buttons into the center of the flowers.

All I did then was glue some earring links on as clasps at the ends, folding the ribbons edges over through the clasps so the ends looked finished.

It took two or so tried, but I finally got it all glued and pieced together well. I like it! Do you?


Paula said...

You are just so crafty!!

Jen said...

Thats really lovely. I know what you mean about the glue gun. I have just started using one too. It kinda seems like cheating cos not sewing but works so well.


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