Monday, July 5, 2010

Frock, Fabric and Just Fine

Frock: I found this vintage (old) tunic at our new thrift store in town.

(BTW, it's run by a pastor who is using profit from the store
to fund their new homeless ministry. 
Awesome idea and amazing little store. Has some really cute stuff.
I'll have to post later some of the other cute things we've gotten there!)

Anyway. This frock found my eye, and I fell in love.
Decided to take it home and take a stab at "re-doing" it.
Results were fabulous and I got a headband out of the deal. 
I love it now and will soon post pics!

Fabric: I have fallen in love with a fabric designer named Anna Maria Horner.
I love her cute little family, her gorgeous pictures, her spirit, but most of all her fabrics!
I recently ordered a bunch in order to make a quilt of hers.
I nearly swooned when it got here. It is SO GORGEOUS!
This is just a tease. Can't wait to show you what I do with it!
(Be might be a while. I've got lots of projects going.)

Just Fine: My chives. I thought they were dying 
and was so confused as to what was wrong.
They were not dying, they just needed thinned.
Oh and how I hated that. I just felt so bad ripping out 
little baby chive plants who had done nothing more than try to grow.
So sad. But so necessary. Really. It was like magic. 
I ruthlessly (not listening to their little pleads to be spared) thinned them 
and overnight they blossomed into these sturdy little spikes.
So, they are not dying, they are just fine.

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