Sunday, May 30, 2010

Preschool Sunday School

I volunteer in our Preschool Room at my church, Allison Park Church on a regular basis. I've never worked with preschool age kids before outside of my job, but I must say, I absolutely love it! There is never a service when I don't walk out with a smile on my face.

You can be teaching them about how God made the world and the pretty flowers out front and no fewer than five kids will yell out "I saw a yellow flower today!" and "My mom has flowers!" and "I saw a purple flower today!". The room then quickly explodes into a discussion about what color flowers every one has or has ever had, saw or has ever seen. Umm....what were we talking about?

The cutest thing that happened today happened when I had just sat all my kids down at the table to review what we've been learning for the past few weeks. I have this hangnail on a finger on my left hand. One of my little boys Matthew noticed it as soon as we sat down. He said "Teacher, you have a boo boo!" I just said "Yup" and went on with the lesson. Then, the next thing I know, his sweet little face is kissing my boo boo!

(Ok, everyone together now...."AWWWWWW!")

He said, "There, all better!"

Have I mentioned that I love Preschool?


jimmie lee said...

Kristen, Love love love that age! When I teach VBS this is the age group I request ;) Hope all things are well with you!

jenni said...

Haha! That is AWESOME. I work with kindergarten and first grade at my church. Every week is a surprise. It's amazing what things randomly come into their minds and out of their mouths. A handful at times, but such a treat!


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