Friday, May 28, 2010

Running Running RUNNING!

I exercised today for the first time in a month.

I have an app on my iPod called iLogger that I use to keep track of when I exercise, when I have headaches, when we do maintenance on my car, etc. When I opened it today I must say I was pretty ashamed that the last log I had for exercising was on May 1st. Ooops!

So, needless to say, today I MADE myself exercise. I must say it felt REALLY good. I had forgotten what a sweet time it is with the Lord when it's just me and Him running, thinking, praying, discussing or just enjoying Him. It's wonderful. I had also forgotten how great it feels during and afterwards.

When I run I feel powerful. Like it's ME that's in charge, NOT my body/emotion's every whim. I feel powerful and great and beautiful and awesome. Kind of like Superwoman! It's a very funny thing to me.

Here's to starting to exercise again and losing my belly full of cookies!

P.S. - the picture is from when Ann lived with me and we ran a Crafton Celebrates 4th of July 5K! I think it was back in like 2005...or 06? Or rather, back when the entryway was blue. lol.

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InHisSteps13099 said...

You'd be proud... I've been running/walking (3.7 mi) M-W-F mornings for the last 4 weeks with LaRen to train for ESOAL in Sept.


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