Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog Redesign

So, I promised that I'd share how I redesigned my blog without knowing HTML or PHP or CSS. I've been busy, but I finally have some time now that it's SO hot in my trailer that moving makes me sweat. I don't really like sweating. At all.

The first thing I did was search Google. I typed in all sorts of things.....but didn't get a whole lot there. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for. Most of what I found needed you to know at least SOME coding. All I can do is change a HEX color code. That's about it.

So, I starting surfing through blogs and tried clicking on names of designers and websites and I hit the jackpot!

I found Shabbyblogs.com first where they make cute free background, blog buttons, post seperaters and tags all for free! PLUS, there are step by step instructions with how to install them on your Blogger. This is a really great site, but not really my style. I kept looking.

Next I stumbled onto The Cutest Blog on the Block. Same idea as Shabby Blogs, but not to my liking either. HOWEVER, they had this fabulous section called Free Blogging Secrets where I learned how to make my own background and how to change the font on your blog posts. Using the program Paint.net along with fotoflexer.com I made sidebar tags and my own header

To change the font on my blog posts I was directed to Amanda's site. I followed her GREAT step by step instructions and was able to change the fonts. A plus is that Amanda and her husband Kevin run a free font site where I grabbed my cute font from!

Overall, it took a while. Quite a while. But now my blog is pretty and I love it! Which makes me want to blog more often.

Ugly blog? Problem solved.


Ashley W. said...

This looks amazing! Great job, Love :) If you find any extra time, you are welcome to design a blog for the Baby :)

kristen good said...

OOH! I can do that!! There are so REALLY cute ones out there!

Check out Shabbyblogs.com and let me know if you like any of them!


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