Monday, August 3, 2009

He's the best

Friday morning I opened my door to go to work
and was surprised to find these taped to my screen door.

I then stepped out onto the porch
and noticed something was in my mailbox.
These lovelies.

Feeling all happy and loved inside,
I walked to my car and was (again) surprised
to find this written on my sidewalk in chalk.

"Roses are red...

violets are blue....

I wrote this silly ryhme...

because I love you."

(This is what my fiance does at 2:30am in the morning when he can't sleep.
I love him so desperately much and oh just can't wait until Sept 6th.)

The next day my neighbor commented on the sidewalk
and how cute it was and sweet Justin was to have done it.
She said, "Kristen, you are a lucky girl."

I agreed, although I would call it something other than lucky.
I would call it blessed.
I am VERY blessed.

Justin is the kind of man I've waited my whole life for.

The kind who comes over to hug me when I'm hurting.
Who holds me until all the tears are done.
Who makes me chocolate-peanut-butter-milkshakes.
Who prays for me and over me.
Who loves me unconditionally.

Amazing. last picture.
The back of the card he made me.

He's sweet.
(and that's an understatement.)


Paula said...

OHHHHHH.... how sweet.... you are truely blessed!!!


Bridget said...

Ahhhh! That is awesome. Praise God you two found each other... er, God led that man to you!


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