Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sleepy Update

I am at work, being sleepy, waiting for 7:00am to come so I can give a med. All the kiddos are clean, dry, asleep and afebrile- Yes. So, I thought I'd do a quickie update. Sorry for all the update posts....I am just too tired.

1. Wedding is going well. Trying to collect all the last minute RSVP's.
2. I pick up my dress from alterations today - YAY! I love ANY excuse to try it on.
3. I am getting married in 25 very long/short days. I can't wait. (!!!)
4. This week has been packing packing packing. Justin and I are moving all my furniture and as much of my stuff as we can this Sunday. So, if you can help move....come on over on Sunday afternoon.
5. I am packing all day Friday and Saturday. I could use some help, so if you're free...head on over!
6. Our families and parents are wonderful...really. We love them.
7. Justin and I are planning a "fun day" coming up soon on our day off before the wedding.
8. I am sleepy.
9. I just found out about Pandora....I think it's neat.
10. I called and my cable/internet is getting turned off on Aug 24th
11. I'm really excited for my bridal shower on the 23th.
12. One of my friends and her husband are moving into my apartment after me. I'm glad someone I love will be in this cute little apartment. (I will miss it.)
13. Justin and I are pretty much done fixing up his place....we can't wait to organize it. Him more so than me. :)

ok, thats long and that's all. Can't think of anything else. Message me with any questions

Oh, one last thing. Justin is just amazing....he is so good at loving me and expressing his love for me. I always feel loved, cherished, protected by him. Case in point.....yesterday evening after he left he sent me a series of one-liner text messages with things he loves about me. I giggled the entire (almost) hour that he was sending them. I love being in love and being loved.

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Paula said...

UMMM.... the bridal shower is on the 23rd.....I really did need to send you your own invite!! hehe. If you show up on the 24th, the cake will be all gone!

Love, Mom

I love you so much and I'm so happy for you and Justin.


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