Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My favorite website right now....

Hands down, it's www.theknot.com

It's not because I'm getting married, it's a bridal site, it's filled with oodles of pictures of dresses, cakes, invitations, flowers, etc. Or because I'm so overwhelmed that it's the only thing keeping me sane. (hehe. that's so far from the truth. I am PEACEFUL! And it is filled with oodles of photos. I'm pretty much positive that's a bad thing.)

It's because every time I go to the site it says something to this effect:

"Welcome back Justin and Kristen! Only 82 more days to go!"

YES! I LOVE the countdown. And I must admit I visit the site several times a day just to see that number. (smile)

Only 82 more days to go until we are Mr. and Mrs. Good! (!!!)
I love the sound of that and I can't wait.

P.S. - I am SO glad that we are only having a 96 day engagement. :)

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