Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Spreadsheets make some people sweat, cause others to cry and some to simply run away screaming.


They make me really really happy. Nothing (almost) makes me so happy as to have all my info arranged into cute little grids and boxes. Big lists with bolded titles and indented subtitles make me smile.


Well, Justin makes me smile more, but you get the idea.

Justin and I are in wedding planning mode now. We have a spread sheet entitle "Guest List". The other one is entitled "Wedding Book" and it has like 8+ tabs on the bottom. Everything from Vision to Ceremony to Reception to Budget to Rehearsal to Legal to you get the picture. All those tabs are glorious and they all have lists on them with titles, subtitles, bolded and italicized things. Sigh. I love it. I feel calm when I look at the spreadsheet.

Actually, we're not totally all about the wedding right now. I like to think that we have a nice balance of things. We have hung out a few times since he asked me to marry him. (stop and smile right here, that's GREAT news!) Anyway, we've not had really a lot of alone time since then even when we're hanging out, so we've actually done very little (in the grand scheme of things) talking about the wedding. We've most definitely wasted time staring at each other, laughing, taking walks, hanging out with family, texting each other silly messages and in Justin's case, leaving cute little "I love you" notes just about everywhere for me to find.

It's been great. I LOVE being engaged! We keep looking at each other and going "We're getting married!!" and giggling. (Well, I've been giggling. Justin has not. He smiles, really big and manly. hehe.) It's amazing and so much fun. What we have been able to talk about so far has been really great. We are having tons of fun planning the big day. We can't stop smiling when we talk about it and we say "I love you" a lot while doing it. I love planning to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

Anyway, the date is September 6, 2009. The day is starting to take shape and details will be out soon. Until then, we are spending time enjoying this season, drawing closer to the Lord and hanging out! Whoo-hoo!

Jesus is so faithful. Above and beyond what any of us deserve. Amazing. He is holy and we love Him. He's just the best. :)


Justin said...

You know what makes me happy?

Being in love with you.
Thinking about marrying you.
You being happy.
Being with you.
Being loved by you.
Spending time with you.
Seeing you.
Thinking about you.
Counting down the days until I marry you.

There's a few other things that make me happy as well, but none as important or amazing as those.

InHisSteps13099 said...

If I've already budget out 2010... what does that show about me and spreadsheets...

Much love to you both!


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