Monday, April 27, 2009

Lots of Random

I'm at work.
Couldn't think up a title for this post.

I have all ridiculously easy kids because I'm picking up charge at 3p.
So in two hours I'll be busy....but right now?
Cute kids though.

I'm trying to stay busy and occupied and just you life.
But the days are going slowly.
I have a small list of to-do's.
Nothing crazy.

5 days and two hours.
Bet you can guess.

Missing him.

Moving boxes and carts all over the place in the hospital.
Today they are packing up computers and more essential/non-essential stuff.
We're going to have to work from packing carts soon.
We're moving. It's official...really. lol.
I have two more days of work at the Oakland campus.
THEN, next Tuesday, Lawrenceville.

I'm ready.
MORE than ready for all of these moving shenanigans to be done.
Bright, open, pretty new hospital?
I'm ready.

Just really at peace with everything in my life right now.
Life is great.
I am blessed.

Trying not to eat too much chocolate.
All that Easter candy.

Okay, for real.
This post is about nothing.
I apologize.

I really like falling asleep on my back porch swing.
And really hate falling asleep to my crazy creaky ceiling fan in my room.

But seriously, praise the Lord for fans at all.
I have a goal to make it to the end of May before installing my window A/C.
We'll see.
I tend to cave when I can't sleep at night.
I like my sleep.

okay, really done with the nothing.
Hope you're not too bored.
If you made it this far.

the end.

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