Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cute Littles

I have two cute little ones today with cute stories so I thought I'd tell you all.

(I LOVE when I have cute kids.)

#1 - Five years old, curious about everything.

I took him to the bathroom cause he's hooked up to an IV pole and such. The pole is like 3 times his size, lol. The funny part is when we got back to the bed I was like, "climb up!" and he looked at me and was like, "Can we make the bed first?" Ok, that is really funny to me! What 5 year old asks if he can make his bed? And after I made it for him, he "fixed" it so it would be REALLY made. lol. SO cute.

#2 - 12 months, the cutest red cheeks ever.

So I went into his room and this Dad was feeding the kid. What I mean by feeding is that Dad set the tray of cream of wheat and scrambled eggs on the seat of a chair, opened all the containers and proceeded to let the kid stand and dig in. TOO funny. Dressed only in a diaper this child had a circle of eggs and cream of wheat on the floor around him. He was just grabbing handfuls of eggs/cereal and shoving it in...or down his front...or on the floor. He was covered head to toe. Hilarious. I laughed. I'll have to remember that.

4 days.
the end.

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