Saturday, January 31, 2009

Soybeans and more


I ate soybeans today at work for the first time and liked them! Imagine that!!

Those little pods are hairy, too.

Does anyone know where I can download that cute little calendar page icon I used to have on my page?

the end.

And, P.S.

there are new pictures up of the day that it snowed and I ventured out into the cold.

(I know, you're surprised...but it was just so darn pretty!)


Justin said...

mmmm.... soybeans are delicious. Giant Eagle sells these wasabi soy beans that I get all the time that are incredible. In fact, I think I will go home and eat some.

Nice pictures! I wish I could have made it outside for more than 5 minutes that day!

Ashley W. said...

Is our blog spot linked to your facebook? Or do you post it twice??

kristen lorenze said...

Ash, my Facebook pulls all my posts from my blogspot and publishes them on Facebook. It's beautiful!

I totally would not do it if I had to publish them twice! :)


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