Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Fought With My Sewing Machine and Won

It fought tooth and nail with me for about two days before I won the fight with Susie.

(I named my sewing machine Susie.)

Yet, in the end, I emerge as the victor!

Now for the project. I saw these cute coasters online and was like, "I want to buy those!". THEN, my thrifty side was like, "No, I could make those!". Thus this project began.

I have been tired and frustrated with Susie
over the last two days, but now, because of my perseverance I am all so much wiser now.

James 1:2-4 (Go read it. It applies.)

Anyhow, do you think they are cute?! I love them. They aren't as perfect as I had imagined, but like I said, I learned a whole lot making them!

It's been an exciting time for me as the Lord is challenging me to bring to life projects I've been writing and sketching over the last few years.

This is just the first project.

P.S. - Thx Mom, for telling me how to fix Susie.


Ashley W. said...

Wow!! They are perfect to me!! (Can you say Christmas present??? :) )
Would you be able to look at our house pictures I emailed you and think of ideas for our bedroom?? Just anything to spark my ideas. Thanks!

Steven said...

They look great. Good job!


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