Monday, November 10, 2008


Well, they aren't your traditional cupcakes.
More like little tiny cupcake muffins that taste really good in your belly
and look really cute on your counter.
Bethany and I made them today and they were good!!!
(Thanks for the recipe Kaylee!)

Little cupcake soldiers with only their bums on.
Their tops are yet to be dipped.

[They are crumbled up Red Velvet cake
mixed with Cream Cheese Frosting
and then dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. (!!)]

Tops dipped with white chocolate and toasted coconut.

Little flower jimmies!!

Red glowing jimmies and flower jimmies with some coconut thrown in.

Mmmmm....cupcake muffins. :)


Steven said...

They look really yummy.

kristen lorenze said...

They are.

Tara Marie said...

ummm WOW! they look delicious!

Kaylee & Paul said...

lookin' good! They are a bit tedious- but sooo worth it!

Anonymous said...

They were quite tasty. :)


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