Friday, June 6, 2008

A thought about Aslan

I saw the movie "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" tonight. There was a pivotal scene in the movie that struck me as beautiful, a parallel to our relationship with the Father. Not very shocking, considering the author of the book the movie was based on.

(By the way, you may not want to continue reading if you haven't seen the movie yet. It really would spoil the suspense of an amazing scene. So stop reading now. thanks!) :)

The scene is the battle between Narnia with their respective Kings, Queens, and Princesses and the Telmarines with their respective King. Towards the middle of the scene it looks as if all will be lost. The Telmarines are bigger, stronger and more numerous than the Narnians. It looks as if the battle might turn into a slaughter instead. There is only one last hope. Lucy has gone to find Aslan.

This is point that was beautiful to me. The Narnians had nothing left. They had given their all, using their wits, skills and heart, yet it wasn't enough. They were not enough to turn back the Telmarines and they knew it. They knew they needed Aslan, where as before, they were not certain. Isn't that so like us? Isn't it so like us to be backed into a corner, all of our options exhausted, used and weary before we turn to the Lord in utter despair and admit that we need Him?

Lucy does find Aslan. In her joy of seeing Him again, she knocks Him to the forest floor with her embrace.

Won't be amazing to run, at last, into our Savior's arms? To hold Him tightly, to never let go, lay your head against His chest, hear His heart beat oh-so-strong and know that you are home? Lucy knew that. She ran to Him with the excitement of a child, and He delighted in her.

After their embrace, she looks at Him and asks why He didn't come earlier? He asks her why she didn't come to Him and ask earlier. She admits she was afraid and asks if He will come now. His reply? Of course.

Of course. Of course. Instant forgiveness. As if He would ever say anything else, in spite of Lucy's foolishness of caring what others thought and being afraid.

Lucy brings Aslan back to the battle where it has advanced to a bridge. On one end, you have the entire Telmarine army, shocked to stillness by one small little girl facing them with peace in her eyes on the other side of the bridge. Lucy. Lucy standing there so smartly with a dagger in her hand. And you think, who would stand so strong, so confident, with the smallest weapon in their hand unless they knew they had the most powerful weapon of all right behind them?

Lucy knew and in that moment, I was gently convicted. We should know as well. We should be bold, not afraid, daring, not bewildered, because we know the ending, just as well as Lucy did. It didn't matter that the battle seemed lost, the escape was destroyed, and the losses were significant. Lucy knew that Aslan would come, and the battle would be won. She knew because she loved Him and He loved them all.

The scene just cries out to me, "Have faith!" Have faith because our God is awesome, mighty, powerful and loving. He is the creator of the universe, the holder of all eternity, and the lover our souls. Why would we not have faith in Him? Lucy did.



InHisSteps13099 said...

Good word.
Thanks for sharing!

Nikki said...

wow! it was great to read this...i was trying to figure out the significance of her little dagger. i love these movies because I really imagine Aslan to be like our wonderful God. This blog entry is beautiful and right on:)thanks roomie.


ps miss you


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