Sunday, June 8, 2008

Overnights #15

Tonight was fun.
I'm reading a book that seems to have no plot, which is very upsetting considering the first and second book in the series were quite good. Bah.

It was, for most of us, our second night in a row. Tomorrow will be our third. Tomorrow I will be responsible for the floor as I'm filling in for the charge nurse every now and then over this summer.


Pray for me, for strength and wisdom.
That's all.

Only three more overnights till I'm back to days! YAY!


Ashley W. said...

Back to days like forever?!?! Cool!

kristen lorenze said...

No, just till my next stretch of days! :) If only...

Steven said...

Oh wow! I didn't realize that you had so many nights in a row.

I will definitly pray for you for strength, energy and when you get home, good rest.

Hope your nights go well.

InHisSteps13099 said...



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