Sunday, May 11, 2008

Overnights #10

Only 9:45pm and already, we have broken into the munchie food and are searching for things to do here at work.

Oh dear.
Such a bad omen.

It's quiet now, but the ER will slowly start to fill up after Mother's Day festivities are over and parents realize that their little one just isn't going to make it all the way until 8am tomorrow when the pediatricians offices open back up. It'll start to fill around 9-11pm, and come 3-4am we'll start getting admissions one after the other.

We'll be quite busy enough then.

However, until then, we're stuck watching little kids kick their legs on the cardiac monitor. You can tell when they are kicking from the monitor at our nurses station, because the wavy lines change. It's funny.

the end.
for now.

1 comment:

sunnyviolas said...

I saw your fish drawing/charcoal/whatever style of art in the library! Whoa, I know a published artist! That'd be really neat if they kept that in there for years and years and you could take your kids there one day to see it.


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