Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Brave Little Toaster

This morning I went yard sale-ing.

I had SO much fun. I got all the items I needed to redecorate my hallway and a few more items for my living room! SO much fun and very little money involved. In the end though, money didn't really matter because my favorite find of the day was free. A homeowner saw me looking at this movie and remarking on how this was my favorite movie when I was little, and she GAVE it to me. YES!

That move is, The Brave Little Toaster.

<---- See how awesome that movie is? Really. If you don't, you should go out and watch it. It's amazing. :) YAY! Anyway, my other awesome finds of the day include:

- two black designer lamp shades
- a green antiqued metal planter
- a bag full of yellow and gold artificial floral stems
- two picture frames
- a large basket with a handle
- one antique fireplace mantel that will become a hallway table
- one awesome mirror
- one very funny coffee table book
- one china teacup and saucer
- four small brightly colored bowls (yellow and blue)


sunnyviolas said...

wow. you did good. did you only go to walden woods? my brother said there wasn't much there. and OH OHOHOHOHOHO I <3 THAT MOVIE SO MUCH!! YAY IT ROCKS!!!!! WHAT A LUCKY FIND!

kristen lorenze said...

hehe. Nope, I went to the Curb Crawl in Sewickly. It was awesome! 50+ houses with a map and directions. AMAZING. :) It was so much fun.

I'm so glad you liked that movie!!! Did you know it won an award in 1988? lol.

Ashley W. said...

Wow! Great finds!!! I love yard sale-ing :) And, yes, the brave little toaster is a great movie.

Kelsey Lewis said...

Yard sales are awesome! So is the brave little toaster!!

Anonymous said...

the brave little toaster gave me nightmare when i was a kid.. you know, when they are at the garbage dump thing..
::shudders:: scary times.

but other than that it was a good movie :]


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