Monday, April 14, 2008

Layout Change #2

I finished re-doing my blog!

(YAY with cheering!)

I decided I didn't need the Blogger Nav Bar, the background is fine, the titles don't need un-bolded, i found a header picture I liked off another template, and I can live with stock fonts. lol.

It took me 3 hours total laying with icepacks on my back with my laptop on my belly to get it how I want it. So, for now, this is how I want it. Hopefully, I won't be changing it up every three seconds. (But those of you who know me, know better. Really.)

Included on this blog are several nice (cool, i like 'em) features:

- Photos - Every week or so, I will post 10 new pictures to the photo slideshow of photos I love that are stored on my computer.
- Links! - You are now to privy to about 1/4 of the links in my bookmarks folder categorized
into nifty little subheadings. Yes, I like bookmarks.
- Comments - You can comment. (wtg blogger.) You just need a blogger or a Google account.
- Email it - if you especially like my post, you can click the little letter icon at the bottom of the post and email it to someone! Very nice.
- Archives - you will never miss or lose a post I wrote that you liked. Just click the month and it'll show you all the blog post titles for that month. Voila!

I am very excited about this new layout and I like it. (!)
Now, I am going to bed because it is very late and everyone should be sleeping.
the end.


InHisSteps13099 said...

I like it too :-)

Tara Marie said...

Jealous that you can figure html out and I can't...yet I can't find time to try.

you're blog is beautiful.

My blog is...templated! BLAH!



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