Sunday, April 13, 2008

Picture Post!

Okay, so I promised you all some pictures two posts ago and these are some funny ones. You'd really have to understand my sense of humor to know why I'd post ANY of these pictures at all. Really thought, they crack me up. It's a good way for me to insert humor and lightness into a not-so-funny situation. :)

This is me after my car accident with an ice pack on my neck, given to me by my oh-so-wonderful-chiropractor, Dr. Yakovac. I was not so happy. And cold.

This is me in Presby's ER the night I pulled a very LARGE muscle in my back lifting a patient, a week after the car accident. I was in active pain and everyone was ignoring me. I have the phone on my lap as I'm sitting in a chair, so the phone is pointed up to the ceiling if you need a frame of reference. Also, not very all. In fact, I was pretty angry that everyone was ignoring me. I guess I was being annoying.

This is my poor sister's eye when she came to get me from the ER. I felt bad for calling her then b/c her contacts were bothering her, but she didn't have her glasses with her and so couldn't take them out. Poor little eye. I was SO relieved to see her. I think I prayed/chanted for at least a 1/2 hour before she came over and over, "Jesus, I just need my sister. Please make her come quicker. Jesus..." I love her. She's wonderful and always comes and picks me up when I get hurt.

There you go! The End.


InHisSteps13099 said...

you didn't call me...

Steven said...

I like the top one.

Stinks that you've had to go to the hospital so many times within the past couple of months.

I think you should stop getting hurt and sick. It really kinda bums me out.



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