Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Layout Change

I'm pretending to know HTML.

I found a layout I liked that I thought I could easily edit to suit me. So, I downloaded it, uploaded it and viewed it. I then proceeded to change one thing in the HTML, refresh the blog and see what changed. Then, if it was what I wanted, I'd change it to what I needed it to be. I did this over and over and OVER again.

Do you like the rough draft?

Here is what I learned:

No layout in HTML is "easy" to change. lol.

It took me an hour and a half to edit what I did tonight. I managed to change the colors of the links, change the font to a stock font, change the header picture to my yellow dots and change the color of the calendar dates.....yup, that's about it. (!!!)

oh my gosh. craziness.

BUT, I am enjoying myself. :)

I still want to:

1. Make a collage on a Photoshop program for the new header
2. Change the font of the blog and post titles
3. Add my old widgets back in
4. Possibly unbold the post titles (depends on which font I can get it to use)
5. Change the background color of the page (there are 3 sections and I'm tired.)
6. Make the Blogger Nav Bar come back! (!!!!!)
7. Make something GREEN on the page. (I like green today.)

So far, that's all. hehehe.

Last thought: I still need to figure out how to use a font that I downloaded instead of one that came with Microsoft Word. Any ideas?


Jamie said...

Sorry but you're gonna have to stick with the boring fonts online, the way it works is that the TTF (True Type Font) file must be on the computer of the person READING your blog, otherwise their machine doesn't have the information to interpret whatever crazy font you're using and will probably just display it in Times New Roman. The only alternative is to rasterize the text, which is where you take a bunch of text and turn it into an image (like a JPEG or something) but that's usually not such a good idea for web pates. Unless of course you could embed the TTF on the hosting server, but I don't even know if that's possible, and it would require HTML that's above what I know.

Maybe you could do a flash animation? lol

And have you tried the GIMP? It's a GNU (i.e. FREE) version of photoshop :-)

Hannah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris Davis said...

Sorry about that previous deleted comment... I was signed in under Hannah.

Jamie is right on.

However, if you did want to use a font for title images it is possible with PHP. That's how I did my previous layout. It was actually a font of my hand writing.

Looks good. :)

Ashley W. said...

I'm clueless...I'm gonna stick with the layout templates for now :) Good luck!


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