Thursday, May 31, 2012

24 Weeks

How Far Along: 24 weeks!
Size of baby: Cantaloupe
Total Weight Gain/Loss: up 5ish lbs from pre-pregnancy weight.
Maternity Clothes: Yes, but still able to wear most of my shirts from before. They just sit differently now. 
Gender: Not finding out! When I ask Justin what he thinks it is, he says, "It's definitely a baby." :)
Movement: Justin felt the baby move the other morning. It was a really precious moment for me. The first time my hubby got to feel his son/daughter! Amazing. I almost cried. The baby also likes to kick and punch in the middle of the night. Happy times for him!
Sleep: Waking up once a night....every now and then I get some insomnia....but not often. Still liking to sleep 8-11 hours a night.
What I miss: Not much right now.
Cravings: Milk and chocolate cake!
Symptoms: Food aversions and nausea are doing better. Small bouts of dizziness here and there. Still with a malfunctioning immune sneeze on me and I get it. Feeling pretty great actually! 
Belly Button in or out: Pretty much out. Not fully out, but I'm sure it'll get there.
Best Moment this week: Hearing the baby's heartbeat with my stethoscope. :)
Milestones: The baby would survive now if it was born....but hoping this wee one stays inside until they are nice and done!
Looking forward to: The third trimester. 

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