Friday, October 14, 2011

Women of Faith - Imagine in Pittsburgh!

So, I was able to go to the Women of Faith Imagine conference in Pittsburgh this past weekend. I have never been and was a bit skeptical at first. When I walked in Friday morning, I wasn't sure it was going to be super relevant to me. After listening to the speakers on Friday morning, I actually wasn't planning on coming back for the evening. It was neat, informative and GOOD information...but nothing special and a little boring. Plus, I was COLD. FREEZING. The conference was in a hockey arena, so I should have expected that. Anyway.

I did decide to come back Friday night, to see if it would be different AND I got my friend Nikki to come with me, so I was happier. I am so glad I went back. First thing back Friday night, the MC introduced all the ladies involved with the conference. Everyone that speaks and participated sits right off the stage on a "Porch" and they provide commentary in between speakers. The Porch did it for me. All the speakers and such feel like they are really close to each other. They provide community and a family feel to the conference, which made their talks all the more impacting They make you feel like part of the family...which is what made me love it.

My favorite speaker was Angie Smith. She was the one that I had been dying to hear talk all weekend and she did not disappoint. My cousin and I cried througout her story as she talked about losing her two hour old daughter after her birth. She also talked about having faith, stepping out of the boat and trusting Jesus. She ended with this: "He is everything". And He is. So nice to have a reminder.

The other speaker that has stayed with me is Nicole Johnson. She talked about anger as a woman and rooting it out of your life. I have always struggled with anger....although it may not seem like it to most. Just ask my sister....she's seen it, unfortunately. I feel like I've really dealt with a lot of the anger I had as a kid and young adult, but it rears up now and again. Especially when I am not feeling well, headache, hormonal, etc. Sigh. So much to work on. So thankful for my Savior who gives GRACE.

We all need it.

I really enjoyed the conference and would love to go back next year. You should check it out!! They are actually coming back to Pittsburgh next September!! Wanna go with me?

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