Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What we didn't find when we went camping last week

We went camping over the weekend. A few friends were supposed to go with us, but everyone ended up sick or not able to make it. We did, too. Sick that is.

We arrived in Brookville at about 11:00pm and decided that we just weren't up to pitching a tent in the dark at midnight. So we found a motel. A cute little family owned one. And it was clean, so I was happy. Seriously hate dirty hotel bathrooms. Justin's belly wasn't up to par so he appreciated the clean bathrooms and I was feeling.....ahem. Yeah. I was feeling moody. We'll leave it at that.

The main reason I was excited to go camping this weekend was that we had found LOADS of wild, obviously organic, raspberries last time we were there. I had visions of picking at the bare minimum a cup and eating some more whilst around a fire. Twas not to be. We drove all over yonder and back in Justin's 2-door Dodge Stratus (not recommended for car health) and only found ONE bush with ANY ripe raspberries.

4 to be exact.
4 ripe raspberries.

Justin ate two and I took a picture of my two before I ate them. Here they are.

Yummy, but only four?? Sad. Maybe next time. Wanna come?

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Jon Daley said...

hrm, you know how to advertise... :)

uh, sounds good for next time. Let us know.


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