Friday, July 8, 2011

How Does My Garden Grow?

We are going camping in a few hours. 
I've been grocery shopping and cooking all day! 
I made Justin 24 breakfast burritos that he can heat up to eat before work. 
They have eggs, green peppers, onions and cheese. 
Healthy and yummy!

My plants have grown since the last time I showed you all pictures!

 The one tomato plant that has grown amazingly. 
Our rabbit and then the groundhog ate off a bunch of leaves, 
so we moved it to the porch. 

 2 green pepper plants that are growing well. 

 The other two green pepper plants.

 The green pepper bug. See it?

 There's lots of little buds....where are my peppers??
Seriously, when do these things give me peppers?
I just have leaves right now.

 Green pepper in front that has a larger pot, but isn't as big. 
Tomato behind it that's being poky and little.

 We used to have a plug for a lamp post there that we don't own.
So, I took out all the rocks, covered the plug and then tilled it up!

In there starting at 3 o'clock are chives, tomato, lavender,
tomato, mint, basil, basil and a green pepper!
There is spearmint and oregano trying to grow in the pots in the middle.
We'll see.

 See this sweet lil' tomato plant? That's right. You don't. The groundhog ate it. 

 This tomatoe plant is in the same exact pot and soil as the other,
but is only a fraction of the size. Why??
They've been right next to each other in the same sunlight for weeks now. 

 See all my bean and pea plants?? Right. Groundhog ate those. He will be shot. 
Really, he will be. We look for him every night with the gun ready.

And two other little tomato plants in the largest containers I have. 

Hopefully someday, I will have actual veggies to harvest. Until then I'm stuck with the chives and basil. Not that I'm complaining, we use the chives in EVERYTHING. 


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Anonymous said...

So cute! I can totally see you in your garden and being totally in heaven!


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