Friday, July 29, 2011

Update on David

It's been such a whirlwind the last two days and I am exhausted. Here is the short version of the last two days, bullet point-ish style.

David has second degree (we think, never got a straight answer on this) superficial burns that cover about 18-20% of his body surface. He is burned on the backs of his hands and arms from fingertips to elbows and both his legs from knee to ankles all the way around. He also has mild first degree burns on his face, which is already peeling away with new pink skin underneath. In comparison to other burn victims, he's pretty lucky. He did not need skin grafts and the doctors at the burn unit say he should heal up nicely. They said he should not scar.

Getting him home from the hospital was all about pain control. Medically, he was stable to come home yesterday, but they had not yet gotten his pain under control. They changed up his regimen and the type of bandages they were putting on him. It seemed to help, but my oh my. It was still a rough day.

We brought David home this afternoon in rush hour Nashville traffic. Not a good time. With all the pain meds on board, David was very nauseous. Two hours and fifteen minutes in a car, an hour of which was spent in bumper to bumper traffic and the last hour spent on windy country roads, does not make for a happy nausea-free car trip. It seemed like forever, but we got him home and he's comfy in his bed.

The goals for the next few days are to keep him up and walking, keep his new growing skin stretched out, keep his dressings clean and intact until he goes back to the hospital on Monday or Tuesday to have his dressings changed, keep his pain under control and get TONS of calories/protein in him for wound healing.

It's going to be a long road, but being home definitely helps!
Thank you for your prayers, please keep praying.

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