Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nashville Unexpectedly

I am sitting in the Nashville, TN airport. Somewhere I wanted to visit someday, but not like this.

So many thoughts running through my head. Mom is coming to pick me up soon and we'll head over to the hospital, I assume, to see how David is doing.

For those of you that don't know, my step-father David had an accident involving a fire yesterday. He suffered burns (I don't know the extent yet) and was life flighted to the nearest burn unit. It's the Vanderbilt Medical Center burn unit an hour and a half away from their house. My mom got the call that he was being life flighted while she was at work. Of course, it terrified her and she drove all the way to Nashville immediately without knowing what was going on.

Right now, David is stable and they think the burns are second or third degree, but they will not be able to stage them accurately until tonight. I'm anxious to get there, see how he is, make sure they are taking good care of him (I am sure they are and I know squat about burns and burn care anyways). I also want to make sure my mom is ok. I'll be here through Saturday. Hopefully we'll be able to take David home before then.

Please pray for my Mom and David.

- Pray that they are strengthened and given peace in this time. It's been a rough past 3 months for them as they just moved to KY at the beginning of May this year
- Please pray for depression/anxiety/hopelessness to be lifted from David and for him to have strength and peace from God in this time.
- Pray for wisdom for them both for medical decisions in the next few days.
- Pray for quick healing for David and for adequate pain control. He suffers from chronic pain (fibromyalgia, previous neck/back surgeries) as it is, now add acute injury onto it....can't even imagine.
- Pray for the doctors and nurses taking care of him that they would be blessed and have wisdom in his care.

I'll post more with more specifics when I know no more.
Thank you for praying for us.


LilMacKush said...

Praying, love. Blessings and peace and joy to you all. Thanks for keeping us posted. Love you.

InHisSteps13099 said...



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