Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Bibs and Catfish

Tonight Justin and I are out fishing hoping for catfish. They are not being coorporative. (I probably spelled that wrong...) So we are talking, waiting and now I am blogging as Justin shines his flashlight around looking for wildlife. Very relaxing and nice after today. I made baby bibs today. Lots and lots of baby bibs. About eighteen with a few precut bibs that may or maynot make it to full adult bibhood. I was pretty tired after eighteen. Oh, and one swaddle sheet. I really like making things with my hands. There is something about the process that is invigorating and bringing for me. Its so neat to go from envisioning an item, to seeing what supplies you have, to designing the heck out of it, to starting to create it, to redesigning it to fit the reality of what you can do, sweating and grunting over it for hours and then having it finally come to life under your hands. I can't help but smile. It's awesome. I love it and today was really fulfilling even if I spent it all in front of my sewing machine. I love this life, all the colors, ideas, songs and creativity God made us with. I just love that He loves it, too.


quarter-life lady. said...


Do you sell your baby bibs? My best friend is expecting in August.

kristen good said...

I have not "officially" selling things started yet, but I do have an Etsy site and would be happy to design some things for you so you can buy them there!

I can make baby bibs, swaddle sheets (large recieving blanket - which helps GREATLY when the baby gets big, but still need swaddled) and burp cloths.

I can do three bibs for $15, three burps cloths for $18 and one swaddle sheet for $10.

Let me know if you are interested and I can email you more details such as color, materials I use, etc.


chalis said...
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